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Hi! My name is Mike Gargano. I am a Connecticut based Drummer/ Engineer /Mixer. When I was five years old, my uncle gave me my first drumkit. That day changed my life. Everyday after school, I played to the boom box in my parents’ basement and because the reception was spotty, I learned to play to many different radio stations and focused on playing to the song. Once I started performing in bands, I quickly fell in love with the stage. A variety of projects followed with an eclectic group of musicians. I built a studio where I record and mix as well as do remote drum session work. Most recently, I’ve settled into a project headed by singer songwriter Benny Mikula called the Alpaca Gnomes. I enjoy all aspects of the music industry and any given day you can find me on stage, behind the board, or pressing record on an exciting new project.


Mike Gargano

                            DRUMMER / ENGINEER /MIXER

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